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Did you know that kids who are praised for their hard work actually score higher on tests than kids who are told they’re so smart? The same goes for sports, music, and other talents.  Most of us have heard about Growth vs. Fixed Mindset, but what exactly does it mean for our own families and […]

Give your child the gift of confidence this holiday season! Kids are busy with school, finals, parties, recitals, and family gatherings. Parents are busy with all their kids’ activities, in addition to work parties, providing gifts and creating a festive home.  Teens can often feel overwhelmed by the holidays, yet they lack the life experience […]

Being a coach means saying yes.As a parent I hate saying no. Yes is my favorite word.I can’t always say yes, but it’s so fun when I can. As coach, I get to say yes to YOU! When you are frustrated with your teen and you ask for an extra meeting, I can say YES! […]

This quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry holds a special place in my heart.  I’m a dreamer and as a child I used to make up pretend futures for myself.  I would dream of living in big cities, by the ocean in a surf town or high in the alps where I could ski every day.  […]

One of the first questions that I’m asked by adults and teens is which planner should I use? Thereal answer is that the Planner is not as important as the “Plannor” (the person doing the planning). I was frustrated for years not understanding where my time went and why I never seemed to have enough […]