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The latest CDC report on Youth Mental Health states that teens are more anxious and depressed than ever before. At the same time, more women will be diagnosed with ADHD than ever in history. Both of these are complex issues, however there is something families can do starting today that will help both Anxiety and […]

How does your teen like to be loved? Sometimes we get mixed messages when we’re trying to show our teens that we love them. Adapted from Gary Chapman, the following areas are guidelines to learn more about your teen. I’ve included examples from the teens themselves about what they like from their parents! Get curious […]

Give your child the gift of confidence this holiday season! Kids are busy with school, finals, parties, recitals, and family gatherings. Parents are busy with all their kids’ activities, in addition to work parties, providing gifts and creating a festive home.  Teens can often feel overwhelmed by the holidays, yet they lack the life experience […]

“I can’t wait to do homework!” said almost no teenager ever. Yet kids have many different reactions to summer ending and getting back to school. Some are excited for friends and activities, while others are excited to get back on a schedule. However, most teens would agree that they’re not excited about homework. Why? What […]

teen stress

What do you do? What is a coach? A coach helps you improve. A coach helps you set a goal. A coach helps you get things done. A coach helps you solve a problem. A coach helps you get past an obstacle. A coach helps you feel better about yourself. A coach is support. A […]

These are questions I get asked often, and the answer is…it depends. I am happy to talk about resources to find the right fit. As a therapist for 25 years, I value their work and support the therapeutic community. As a trained and experienced Coach, I have found that there are many teens who need something […]

“Perfect colleges and dream schools don’t exist.” “Your goal is to research and discover several colleges that best meet your needs…and if you plan well, you will have several such schools to choose from.” Steven R. Antonoff, Ph.D. Author of College Match. So often, teens start the college search process by looking at colleges first.They […]