What is a Teen Life Coach?

What do you do? What is a coach?

A coach helps you improve.

A coach helps you set a goal.

A coach helps you get things done.

A coach helps you solve a problem.

A coach helps you get past an obstacle.

A coach helps you feel better about yourself.

A coach is support.

A coach is strength.

A coach is optimism.

A coach is there when you don’t always win.

A coach is there to celebrate when you do win.

A coach helps you win.

A life coach helps you win at life.

Life coaching is life changing.  Life coaching is a process in which the coach listens to what the client is struggling with, or a goal they want to achieve. The coach and the client work together with the client’s strengths to overcome obstacles.  They work together to identify thought patterns and habits that have prevented success.  The client sets the pace, and the coach offers support, accountability, tools and feedback as the client moves toward their goals.  During setbacks, the coach helps stabilize the path.  After achievements, the coach helps solidify the behaviors. The coach and the client are a team.  A team working toward success.