Raising two of my three children who also have ADHD, and treating many ADHD clients, I realized we need to do more. Depression and anxiety can surface with untreated ADHD and now my purpose in life is to help others so they don't have to suffer.

Learning more about the ADHD brain and finding strategies that work for each person differently, I've found my life changed dramatically. 

As a business woman, therapist, parent and marathon runner, I should not have ADHD. Having struggled my whole life with organization, prioritizing, and staying focused, I have finally found tools that work.

ADHD Life Coach & LCSW

Hey there!

I'm Christine

I now enjoy my family, get my work done, plan our meals and activities, work out regularly, spend time with friends, and have personal creative time. 

My mission is help my unique and wonderful clients find success, calm and balance so they can live an amazing life. 

I believe that when you lead from your heart, the world is a wonderful place. Raising three incredible children in Reno taught me the meaning of community as our family connected with friends for class parties, football games, dance competitions and volleyball tournaments. Now, being a mom to adult children has expanded my heart and creativity to explore new ways to connect with them, while pursuing my career in helping people thrive. 

As a University of Oregon Duck, I was grateful for the opportunity to spend a year in France, learning and traveling. There’s no better place than being close to Lake Tahoe, so Reno became my home. I worked in law firms while obtaining my MSW at UNR, and began my work with teenagers and families. After working in residential facilities, the Children’s Cabinet and the State of Nevada, I opened a private practice while creating a day treatment program at Koinonia Foster Homes. 

After a break to focus on my children, I created a cancer based therapy practice and as it grew, transferred it to a bigger clinic. My love was working with high schoolers, focusing on students who have so much to offer the world, and then added college kids and adults. 

Since then, I’ve gone on to learn Mindfulness at UCLA, and am Certified as a LIfe Coach, Energy Practitioner, Hypnotic Practitioner and ADHD Coach. My toolbox includes CBT, DBT, EMDR, Hypnosis, EFT, among many other modalities. My clients set the goals, and I provide the tools, experience and strategies to get them there. 

As a woman with ADHD, raising two of my three children with ADHD, along with hundreds of clients, I am passionate about helping people succeed and thrive with their gifts, intellect and abilities. 

In addition to raising wonderful kids and having a career, I’ve run 14 Marathons (including Paris and Boston), built three successful therapy programs, all while creating beautiful friendships and experiences with my extended family. For fun, I enjoy skiing, hiking, walking with friends, knitting, spending time with family and of course, dark chocolate. There have been challenges and hardships along the way, but when your heart is your guide, the world truly is a wonderful adventure.

Fun Facts!

My favorite weekend activities

Skiing, Hiking, Walking my dog with friends, Family Sunday Dinners

Hobbies that i love

Knitting, Art Journaling, Calligraphy

my favorite adventure

I studied in France for a year and ran the Paris Marathon

things I enjoy


Dark Chocolate

Fitness Classes

words to live by

“The only things you regret in life are the things you didn’t do.”
- Traditional French Saying

As a teen, I struggled to get my work done on time. Lots of stress and late nights added to a very busy sports and work schedule! Even as an adult, I need to have plans and the mindset to achieve my goals. As an ADHD Mom of three kids, life used to feel overwhelming, but once I got centered and learned to think differently, my kids and I were able to have positive relationships and achieve our goals. Who would have thought it possible?

I get it. As a mom of three older kids, and a longtime therapist, life throws us many struggles and challenges - divorce, ADHD, learning struggles, anxiety, depression, communication issues, and then a pandemic on top! Yet we can survive and yes, we can thrive.

We are all unique and have our own challenges! I've had many myself and have gone from frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed to calm, confident and happy with my day! If I can do it, so can you!

why i am here

My Story


I love seeing people succeed and feel happier with their lives.

Each and every person has within them untapped gifts and strengths. Let me help you find yours to live a joyful productive life. 


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We'll work together to set goals, and you will learn new ways of thinking in order to make the changes you want in life. 

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