A weekly group coaching program to set you up for success. You will set values based goals, set up your weekly plan, and learn tools and strategies to follow through on your ideas. You will learn about ADHD and your unique mind to develop confidence, organization, and get rid of frustration. 

You will find more focus in your business, reduce anxiety and confusion, and find more time to enjoy your family and personal life. 

next group starting january 2024



Manage Your Time and Your Mind As a Business Owner with ADHD

Learning what ADHD really is (a superpower) and finding strategies that work uniquely for you will change your business. Let’s make some massive shifts for you in just 12 weeks. 

You deserve the support.

1:1 coaching for business owners with adhd

ADHD Coaching for Entrepreneurs

As a person with ADHD the stakes are higher - work, family, relationships, finances and personal health. 

Why live with confusion, worry and shame when you can find calm and control? 

With strategies that are adapted to you - don’t just get through your life, learn to empower yourself and thrive.

1:1 Private Coaching for adults


Life coaching is Life Changing

Gain more Confidence and Control

Create More Accountability

Create Healthier Relationships

Manage your Time and Mind

When you sign up for ADHD Life Coaching, you truly will transform your life in the way YOU want to. 

Why Coaching?

Embrace Your Creativity

Get Clear on Your Purpose

Perform Better at Work

Become a Better Parent

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