What’s the Best Planner?

One of the first questions that I’m asked by adults and teens is which planner should I use?

Thereal answer is that the Planner is not as important as the “Plannor” (the person doing the planning). I was frustrated for years not understanding where my time went and why I never seemed to have enough time for the fun things as well as getting behind with my to-do list.

For many people who are challenged by procrastination, managing time, over scheduling and underperforming, I’ll share what works best for me and my clients. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual, their effort, and finding a system that works.

For many of my clients (and me), the type of planners that work best are the Appointment Book style.  The visual hours of 8am to 8pm help the brain see that work is separate from play and helps us plan out the entire day.  Many of my adults are guilty of over-scheduling and will notice that they have way too much planned for each day, not leaving room for transitions, driving and eating. Many of my students are happily surprised that they actually have more time for family, activities, friends and fun than they thought. They’re also getting more sleep!

Some people swear by apps.  For those of us adults and teens who are easily distracted, by the time we find the time management app on our phone, we have spent an hour lost in more exciting games and social media (and thus have lost an hour of our time).

There are many planners out there with all kinds of colors and designs. I just find something plain and decorate it with stickers. I look forward to planning with you for 2021, and helping all of us achieve happiness and success in the coming year!

Here are some of my favorite planners: