The Perfect College

perfect college

“Perfect colleges and dream schools don’t exist.”

“Your goal is to research and discover several colleges that best meet your needs…and if you plan well, you will have several such schools to choose from.” Steven R. Antonoff, Ph.D. Author of College Match.

So often, teens start the college search process by looking at colleges first.
They look for names they recognize from sports, friends, relatives and cool logos.
Teens sometimes look at colleges like they would shop for t-shirts with their friends.

Their search is often limited and doesn’t take into consideration their specific interests and passions, not to mention the learning environment where they can truly grow.

Junior Year Journey is a program where your teen and your family come first.
YOU and your Teen will get to enjoy this exciting process.
Your teen will identify their interests and learning style.
Your teen will examine their activities and academics.
Your teen will then look for schools that match them.

As the parent, you will be involved in this process too.
College is a large investment that has an effect on your family.
You want the best for your teen.
You want the best for your family.
You want them to be happy and confident at a college chosen just for them.

Many kids go to college only to return because they weren’t prepared.
You want your teen to be ready for college.

Junior Year Journey helps with that too.
Through stress management, mindfulness and time management, you can feel confident that your teen will have tools to take with them.
So you can relax knowing your teen will be successful and happy.

Junior Year Journey is a series of steps that walk your teen through the journey of preparing to apply to college.

You and your teen can follow this program and have engaging conversations about choices, options, and exciting plans for their future.

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