2020: What a Year! Life Coaching Saved Me

Even during this crazy year.

I learned to take obstacles and create opportunities.

I learned how my thoughts and feelings really do create my actions.

I learned that struggle creates growth.

I enrolled in two advanced certification programs and have met incredible people from all over the world, professionals from every discipline coming together to serve and create results for their clients: artists, coaches, doctors, lawyers, corporate leaders, fellow therapists, teachers, and business people in human resources, marketing and accounting. All of them learning and sharing.

I created a new business with amazing support and transitioned from therapy to life coaching, bringing all my tools and lots of new ones to serve clients one to one and in group classes.

I helped students, parents, and teachers learn to navigate distance and hybrid learning. I got to see students and families move from struggling to success, from stress to finding peace.  I coached two clients as they started new businesses.

I found ways to eat semi-healthy even without leisurely trips through the grocery aisles.

I learned a deep patience for my family and depths of love that had not been reached before.

I went through three pairs of walking shoes and logged countless miles with my pal Wesley, lots of friend “walks and talks,” and treasured weekend walks with one of my sisters and her pup, Finny.

I contributed to two incredible organizations: Project 150 in Reno, and Nevada Building Hope Foundation. We were able to serve homeless and transient teens and isolated seniors as well as helping communities in Peru by delivering necessities and building a school.

These are some of my fond achievements and memories this year, what are yours?

What strength did you find?

What resilience did you build?

What connections did you make?