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Did you know that kids who are praised for their hard work actually score higher on tests than kids who are told they’re so smart? The same goes for sports, music, and other talents.  Most of us have heard about Growth vs. Fixed Mindset, but what exactly does it mean for our own families and […]

The latest CDC report on Youth Mental Health states that teens are more anxious and depressed than ever before. At the same time, more women will be diagnosed with ADHD than ever in history. Both of these are complex issues, however there is something families can do starting today that will help both Anxiety and […]

Give your child the gift of confidence this holiday season! Kids are busy with school, finals, parties, recitals, and family gatherings. Parents are busy with all their kids’ activities, in addition to work parties, providing gifts and creating a festive home.  Teens can often feel overwhelmed by the holidays, yet they lack the life experience […]

Even during this crazy year. I learned to take obstacles and create opportunities. I learned how my thoughts and feelings really do create my actions. I learned that struggle creates growth. I enrolled in two advanced certification programs and have met incredible people from all over the world, professionals from every discipline coming together to […]