What Being a Coach Means

Being a coach means saying yes.
As a parent I hate saying no. Yes is my favorite word.
I can’t always say yes, but it’s so fun when I can.

As coach, I get to say yes to YOU!

When you are frustrated with your teen and you ask for an extra meeting, I can say YES!

When your teen calls me from their car and asks if we can still do the session, I can say YES!

When your teen says they are lonely and want to talk about getting new friends, I can say YES!

When your teen asks for a quick meeting because they’re stressed about AP exams, I can say YES!

When your teen has a bunch of missing assignments after having turned everything in for 3 weeks, and you want to meet, I can say YES!

A coaching package is like going out to dinner.  You get to decide what you are eating and the sever brings it to you. (You choose your goals and I give you strategies). You get thirsty and ask for more water, and they bring it to you. (You get stuck and ask for a check-in and I arrange that). You eat an amazing tortilla soup and you want the recipe, so your server gets it for you. (You love a new approach to de-stressing, and I email you the notes from the session).

The server at dinner is not going to chew the food for you (gross). As your coach, I am not going to do the homework, choose their friends or handle your frustration for you. As your coach, I am going to give you strategies so you and your teen can have fun and still get things done to live a happy and successful life.

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