The Seven C’s of Getting Things Done

ADHD Style

For people with ADHD one of the hardest things for them to do is to get things done that they’re not super excited about or interested in.

People who have ADHD are also very hard on themselves so once they get off track they can start a negative spiral of thoughts.

Here are the Seven C’s of Getting Things Done.

One:  Clear the space in your mind and reduce the Clutter around you.  Make sure you have all the materials that you need: laptop water and or tools.

Two: Connect with your breath. Do a five finger breathing exercise so that you can focus on the task you are about to start.

Three: Catch yourself when you start to get off track or lose focus and re-engage. Tell yourself “not now” with whatever else you’re thinking.

Four:  Be Concise. Set a timer for 20 minutes, work as hard and fast and focused as you can and then take a five-minute rest. Get water and move around. Repeat.

Five:  Compassion. Be kind and patient as you learn new habits. Getting off task is normal and in time this process will become more natural.

Six: Celebrate every minute that you stay focused on every bit of improvement that you see! Celebration is a signal to the brain to repeat the behavior.

Seven: Consistency is crucial. No matter how the last twenty minutes went, do it again and do it tomorrow. Using these Seven Seas every time you start a task will create a new pathway in the brain and it will get easier.

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