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These are questions I get asked often, and the answer is…it depends. I am happy to talk about resources to find the right fit. As a therapist for 25 years, I value their work and support the therapeutic community. As a trained and experienced Coach, I have found that there are many teens who need something […]

“Perfect colleges and dream schools don’t exist.” “Your goal is to research and discover several colleges that best meet your needs…and if you plan well, you will have several such schools to choose from.” Steven R. Antonoff, Ph.D. Author of College Match. So often, teens start the college search process by looking at colleges first.They […]

Even during this crazy year. I learned to take obstacles and create opportunities. I learned how my thoughts and feelings really do create my actions. I learned that struggle creates growth. I enrolled in two advanced certification programs and have met incredible people from all over the world, professionals from every discipline coming together to […]